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My expertise lies with in Breaking and Hip Hop Dance Fundamentals i.e. Party Grooves, Rocking & House.

 I believe in building a strong foundation with all my students.
A strong foundation includes knowledge of terminology and history as well as technique. I also focus heavily on strength and conditioning.

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I currently facilitate regular Youth Development Workshops in the Perth,Pilbara and Kimberley region(Please check the NEWS section for regular updates).
BREAKTHRU – Hip Hop 4 Health

One of the methods we use to engage Youth is Hip Hop Culture(Dance/Art) which in turn builds trust and healthy conversation. The Hip Hop model I use has heavy emphasis on Health, Fitness, Confidence and Respect.

I also work alongside a crew of fellow artists who share a similar outlook on Hip Hop in the Community. We collaborate regularly to deliver quality Hip Hop workshops.

You can check out our flagship program BREAKTHRU – Hip Hop 4 Health on our website:

T.H.U.G.S. (Talented Humans Under Great Stress)
Another method to engage youth(Particularly at-risk youth) is a Calisthenics program we are still currently building on called THUGS(Talented Humans Under Great Stress). In the past I have worked with many at-risk youth in the Community as well as Juvenile Detention Centres. Calisthenics is also an element in our Hip Hop Workshops because it aims to strength and condition your body to help with many aspects of the culture.

(Hasaan Yasin, founder of BARTENDAZ. A Pioneering Calisthenics Youth Organisation based in New York)

Why Calisthenics?

Calishthenics is a discipline which focuses on natural body weight movements that cater in strengthening your whole body with an emphasis on core and balance.  It is a very physical sport with a philosophy based around complete balance not only Physically but also Mentally, Spiritually and Socially.

The program contains a curiculum of different challenges that each individual must go through in order to move on to the next level, similar to grading in martial arts.

Each regime in essence goes deeper than just the physical.

Health benefits of Calisthenics 

  • Calisthenics can be done by people belonging to all age groups and genders, without undergoing any risk of bodily harm
  • Calisthenics leads to an improvement in overall strength and energy of your body, in turn promoting overall health
  • Calisthenics exercises have been known to improve mental health, which in turns helps in treating depression, stress, anxiety, and the like
  • You can do calisthenics with a partner also. Infact, pairing with someone can help increase the resistance level of the exercises which promotes socialising
  • Calisthenics help strengthen the muscles, including skeletal and cardiac muscles, of the body
  • Indulging in calisthenics exercises on a regular basis can help improve the body’s resistance, in turn helping it fight against several diseases (Obesity and diabetes to name a few)
  • Calisthenics, when done on a regular basis, can help provide relief from various body and muscle pains as well as mental frustration
  • In calisthenics, even a few non complex exercises can help you work the entire muscle group of the body
  • One of the significant advantages of calisthenics exercises is that they help exercise your body in a total and balanced manner. It helps increase the heart beat rate of a person, thus improving the health of his/her heart and lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases


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