Kellerberrin Workshop

Whats up every body!

This was a workshop that went down on the 14th of April. Me and my crew homie ‘Pepito’ (7$) did a mission out to a small community in the Wheat Belt(Western Australia) to work with some of the young aspiring Bboys and Bgirls from there. Amazing talent out there and it was a time i’ll never forget. Many thanks to Adinda Sukardi for the photos.



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Food Truck Rumble (Perth/WA)

This was a 2 vs 2 battle that went down on the 12th of April in the ‘Perth Cultural Centre’.

Judged by Me, Pepito(7$) and Nick(Aerial Crew/Bali). Big props go out to Airrico from Perth’s own ‘Zou Rock Crew’ for organizing this it was a great day!

Lots of Kids turned up and it was a massive crowd.. Congratulations Beni Benz and Torekana for taking it out. Torekana flew in from Port Hedland to take part and at 15 years old hes making a big impact already. They battled B.O.B. in the finals, this crew flew in from Singapore for this. Much Love to everybody who took part.

Thank you ‘Premillume Photography’ for taking these pictures.