Kalumburu Aboriginal Community

This month we had the honour of being welcomed on to Kalumburu Aboriginal Community. Kalumburu is located in The Kimberley and is one of the most remote communities in Australia. We had to take two planes to get there one of which was a four seater plane that almost couldn’t take off due to weight issues haha.
This time around I was accompanied by my crew mate Pepito and renowned Emcee Trooth from the amazing Reach1Teach1. This was a true Voltron connect that happened here! One of the best weeks of workshops we’ve had with Breakthru. Below is a highlight video from the week, as well as a Music video (“WE LOVE KALUMBURU”) directed and produced by Trooth and some photos of the locals.

Thank you Kalumburu!



Australian Dance Festival 2017

I recently had the opportunity of being an Instructor at the Aus Dance Fest in Sydney this year. It was great to be able to work with a bunch of talented and very passionate young dancers. It was also cool to see a few kids I had taught a few years ago, still going hard! Much respect and thank you Aus Dance Fest.


Coin Banks Music Video Clip

A fun little video clip me and Bboy Edit (Zou Rock Crew) did. Thanks Coin Banks for getting us on board.

Check it out!

BREAKTHRU Bidyadanga – July 2017

Here is another visit to Bidyadanga where one of my past students ‘Torekana’ accompanied me. This was a very memorable experience! Below is another video check it out!