BREAKTHRU Bidyadanga Pt 2

In September school holidays we found ourselves back in Bidgy to build on what we started in the first visit.
It was great to see that the kids had stuck with it. There is so much that goes on in the community that you can never capture in photos or on video.. Mainly because you need to be in the moment with the kids and the camera gets in the way.
Like one night we were walking around the community to check what was going on. To our surprise there were a group of kids battling on the dirt in front of the shop because it had a light. They were organising it all by themselves! That was something I wish I had caught on film.

This is what Hip Hop does to a child, it gives them initiative, it teaches them that everything is up to the individual. We all have choices.
What a blessing my life is. To be able to share my passion with youth who need it the most.