Cypherz Kingz 5th Anniversary (Kuala Lumpur) Feat. Maurizio – Saturday 8th of December

Yo so the homie Ize Bourne from ‘Cypherz Kingz’ out of Malaysia is holding a big ass jam for his crews 5th anniversary held in Kuala Lumpur. He’s flying out Me plus my crew homies POE ONE and KATSU . Both them cats are amazing… I dont even need to talk about those two because if you’re a Bboy/Bgirl and don’t know these guys then you’ve been living under a rock LOL If you’re new to this or just passing through (Not a Bboy/Bgirl) then cool… thanks for checking my site!

But yo lets talk about Maurizio from Italy.

I started breaking in the late 90’s. The thing to collect back then was VHS tapes… I’m not ashamed to say it but I was heavy in to BBOY TAPE PIRACY hhahah. Where I came from it was the norm at the time. We copied everything from Movies to Music.. Hell I can remember my Grandma sewing me up some bootleg ‘Starter’ pants. Taking the tag from the inside of another Starter Jumper/shirt or whatever, and sewing it on the outside of the pants she would make on her sewing machine.. But thats another topic!

Before I go on I just wanna say… DON’T BOOTLEG DANCE TAPES! Everything is on youtube nowadays anyway..

Anyways one of my first ever Bboy tapes was ‘Maurizio – Next One’. This tape was a massive influence to me and helped shape the Bboy I am today. Here is a little snippet from the Video.. CLASSIC!


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