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Greetings World,

This campaign is dedicated to helping one of the most influential individuals in Hip Hop history, Alien Ness!

Alien Ness is the President of the Mighty Zulu Kingz and Kweenz, which is the first chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation, the organization known for creating Hip Hop culture. Ness has held this title as President for 16 years, traveling the world competing, hosting and teaching workshops in some of the biggest Hip Hop dance competitions in the world such as B-boy Summit, FreeStyle Session, Red Bull BC One, R-16, Skill 4 Sole, Art of War, IBE, Out Break Europe, Catch the Flava Hip Hop Camp and hundreds more. Trust the list does go on.

Alien Ness, also known as Ness 4, has many titles that describe his many styles and characteristics, but what’s most important is that Ness has continued to learn, teach, burn and preach through the elements of B-Boying, Emceeing & Educating for over 35yrs.

Due to a very long and strong journey and career, Alien Ness has aquired a serious hip injury that will require surgery. This operation has already been scheduled to take place this July 2015.

Ness is one of the few who has dedicated his entire life’s work to B-boying and Hip Hop Culture.  No side job, no corporate career – he has dedicated 300% of himself to us and has never asked our culture for anything.

We the Mighty Zulu Kingz and Kweenz have unamimously decided that it is time for Hip Hop to give back to one of our greatest contributors.

It is up to the community to take care of each other, being an artist does not come with benifits that a full time job might provide.

So — for all the people using Alien Ness’ moves, transitions or tricks to win battles, create careers or simply understand the dance better, let us unify and give back!

We are Hip Hop

Peace, Love, Unity and raising funds

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Kids Calisthenics – MZK FIT

All of my Breaking classes have a big emphasis on strength and conditioning.. Check out the clip!


Pro Breaking Tour

Peace the people at ‘Pro Breaking Tour’ for the shoot!

Check out their website:

Sentosa(Singapore) Session feat ‘Checkered Minds’

Here is a little snippet of a session that went down in December on Sentosa Island/Singapore with some of my brothers from ‘Checkered Minds’.

Much Love

Holistic Health article on

Whats up everybody!

Check out my article on the MZK website regarding ‘Holistic Health’ 

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The Freshest Kids

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To the general public, Hip Hop is probably one of the most confusing and exploited terms out there today. Every body has heard of Hip Hop, but very few can actually explain to you what it is.

Here is a really great documentary for every body.. Awesome interviews with Ken Swift, Crazy Legs, Pop Master Fable, Fab 5 Freddy, Mos Def, KRS One, Poe One the list goes on!

The Freshest Kids:



Whats up!

So I’ve been pretty busy this year teaching and travelling. Here are two of my favorite workshops that went down!

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For information on how to book me for Classes or Workshops please check the CONTACT section.

Much Love

KOOL 2B KIND WORKSHOP PICS! (Hedland/Western Australia)

Workshop with some of the kids at Hedland Primary..

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Workshop with the kids from ‘THE HOOD’ (South Hedland)

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My young Protege Caleb..

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KOOL 2B KIND (Hedland/Western Australia)


Yo whats up everybody..

So recently I decided to deactivate my facebook and instead keep everyone updated through my website.

I’m currently up in Hedland which is in the Pilbara region(Northern WA) of Western Australia. I’ll be based up here for most of the time between now and mid September as part of a project called ‘KOOL 2B KIND’.

KOOL 2B KIND is part of an anti bullying/suicide prevention program where I go in to most of the Schools in Hedland to teach a choreographed dance piece to a group of pre-selected kids. Each school will only have me for a total of 8 hours each and then it is up to the kids to practise and aim to perfect the routine before performing it at their local theatre in September.

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I got to Hedland on the 10th of June and I’m halfway through the schools…

So far its been an Incredible experience. Pics and videos up soon! STAY TUNED!

Cypherz Kingz 5th Anniversary (Kuala Lumpur) Feat. Maurizio – Saturday 8th of December

Yo so the homie Ize Bourne from ‘Cypherz Kingz’ out of Malaysia is holding a big ass jam for his crews 5th anniversary held in Kuala Lumpur. He’s flying out Me plus my crew homies POE ONE and KATSU . Both them cats are amazing… I dont even need to talk about those two because if you’re a Bboy/Bgirl and don’t know these guys then you’ve been living under a rock LOL If you’re new to this or just passing through (Not a Bboy/Bgirl) then cool… thanks for checking my site!

But yo lets talk about Maurizio from Italy.

I started breaking in the late 90’s. The thing to collect back then was VHS tapes… I’m not ashamed to say it but I was heavy in to BBOY TAPE PIRACY hhahah. Where I came from it was the norm at the time. We copied everything from Movies to Music.. Hell I can remember my Grandma sewing me up some bootleg ‘Starter’ pants. Taking the tag from the inside of another Starter Jumper/shirt or whatever, and sewing it on the outside of the pants she would make on her sewing machine.. But thats another topic!

Before I go on I just wanna say… DON’T BOOTLEG DANCE TAPES! Everything is on youtube nowadays anyway..

Anyways one of my first ever Bboy tapes was ‘Maurizio – Next One’. This tape was a massive influence to me and helped shape the Bboy I am today. Here is a little snippet from the Video.. CLASSIC!


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