KOOL 2B KIND (Hedland/Western Australia)


Yo whats up everybody..

So recently I decided to deactivate my facebook and instead keep everyone updated through my website.

I’m currently up in Hedland which is in the Pilbara region(Northern WA) of Western Australia. I’ll be based up here for most of the time between now and mid September as part of a project called ‘KOOL 2B KIND’.

KOOL 2B KIND is part of an anti bullying/suicide prevention program where I go in to most of the Schools in Hedland to teach a choreographed dance piece to a group of pre-selected kids. Each school will only have me for a total of 8 hours each and then it is up to the kids to practise and aim to perfect the routine before performing it at their local theatre in September.

 photo Screenshot2013-07-12at90418PM_zpsbd880954.png
I got to Hedland on the 10th of June and I’m halfway through the schools…

So far its been an Incredible experience. Pics and videos up soon! STAY TUNED!