Cypherz Kingz 5th Anniversary (Kuala Lumpur) Feat. Maurizio – Saturday 8th of December

Yo so the homie Ize Bourne from ‘Cypherz Kingz’ out of Malaysia is holding a big ass jam for his crews 5th anniversary held in Kuala Lumpur. He’s flying out Me plus my crew homies POE ONE and KATSU . Both them cats are amazing… I dont even need to talk about those two because if you’re a Bboy/Bgirl and don’t know these guys then you’ve been living under a rock LOL If you’re new to this or just passing through (Not a Bboy/Bgirl) then cool… thanks for checking my site!

But yo lets talk about Maurizio from Italy.

I started breaking in the late 90’s. The thing to collect back then was VHS tapes… I’m not ashamed to say it but I was heavy in to BBOY TAPE PIRACY hhahah. Where I came from it was the norm at the time. We copied everything from Movies to Music.. Hell I can remember my Grandma sewing me up some bootleg ‘Starter’ pants. Taking the tag from the inside of another Starter Jumper/shirt or whatever, and sewing it on the outside of the pants she would make on her sewing machine.. But thats another topic!

Before I go on I just wanna say… DON’T BOOTLEG DANCE TAPES! Everything is on youtube nowadays anyway..

Anyways one of my first ever Bboy tapes was ‘Maurizio – Next One’. This tape was a massive influence to me and helped shape the Bboy I am today. Here is a little snippet from the Video.. CLASSIC!


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BBOY/BGIRL ‘CONCEPTS’ with RUSH (Fresh Sox/7$/Mighty Zulu Kingz)




Whats up Fam,

Its been a while so I thought.. Why not come through with another episode of CONCEPTS…

For those who know nothing about me.. here is a short summary:

With this workshop i’ll be going over a lot of different things but mainly ‘Top Rock/Go Down’ orientated.For those who have taken my class before, you know that I dont mess around.. I always show as much as possible and answer any questions as best as I can. I plan all my Workshops and come fully prepared with an runsheet… Everyone will leave sweaty and dead but most importantly Inspired(I hope).A few things I will touch on:- Groove & Musicality
– Form and Technique
– Transition concepts
– Ideas that help open up your vocab
– Exercises to help create and flip moves

And more depending on where the vibe of the class takes us…

Venue: ‘Cipher Dance Academy’

Unit 4 / 4 Whyalla Street, Willetton 6155
Western Australia

FB Page:

Date: Thursday September 27th

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm (Sharp)

Cost: $20

Please hit me up on here to register!
Really excited to build with everybody… Much Love


BC One Australia Final Clip…

Yup Yup so this was a while back but anyways its a pretty cool clip… Got a little interview in this as well 🙂


“The African Cypher”

Looks like a dope flick. Props to Red Bull Media House for always coming through with some incredible footage!

New Website!

Yo yo..

So this is my first post on my brand new Website.

Please spread the word… The news section will feature anything I get up to pretty much :p

Stay tuned..


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